Dr. Sabrina Gaan is originally from the San Francisco Bay area, where she visits regularly because her family still resides there. She attended San Jose State University and graduated with a Biology degree in 2004.

She became a licensed optician in the state of California while in college and worked in an ophthalmology practice in Berkeley, California. She then moved to Chicago, Illinois to attend the Illinois College of Optometry and received her doctorate in Optometry in 2009.

After graduating, Dr. Gaan immediately moved to Boston and started working for Dr. D'Amiano at Medfield Eye Associates. She has now split her time between Medfield Eye Associates and Hopkinton Eye Associates where patients are able to find her at least five days a week.

She has taken a particular interest in Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) lenses. These custom-fit Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses allow patients to see distance without wearing glasses or contacts during the day by wearing the contacts at night while asleep. These contacts have shown to decrease progression of myopia in some children. When not working, Dr. Gaan enjoys spending time with her husband and children.